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Package com.dropbox.core.v2.fileproperties

This namespace contains helpers for property and template metadata endpoints.

See: Description

Package com.dropbox.core.v2.fileproperties Description

This namespace contains helpers for property and template metadata endpoints.

These endpoints enable you to tag arbitrary key/value data to Dropbox files.

The most basic unit in this namespace is the propertyField. These fields encapsulate the actual key/value data.

Fields are added to a Dropbox file using a propertyGroup. Property groups contain a reference to a Dropbox file and a propertyGroupTemplate. Property groups are uniquely identified by the combination of their associated Dropbox file and template.

The propertyGroupTemplate is a way of restricting the possible key names and value types of the data within a property group. The possible key names and value types are explicitly enumerated using propertyFieldTemplate objects.

You can think of a property group template as a class definition for a particular key/value metadata object, and the property groups themselves as the instantiations of these objects.

Templates are owned either by a user/app pair or team/app pair. Templates and their associated properties can't be accessed by any app other than the app that created them, and even then, only when the app is linked with the owner of the template (either a user or team).

User-owned templates are accessed via the user-auth file_properties/templates/*_for_user endpoints, while team-owned templates are accessed via the team-auth file_properties/templates/*_for_team endpoints. Properties associated with either type of template can be accessed via the user-auth properties/* endpoints.

Finally, properties can be accessed from a number of endpoints that return metadata, including `files/get_metadata`, and `files/list_folder`. Properties can also be added during upload, using `files/upload`.

See DbxUserFilePropertiesRequests, DbxTeamFilePropertiesRequests for a list of possible requests for this namespace.

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