JavaScript SDK

The JavaScript SDK provides a promise interface to relaying calls to the Dropbox SDK.

Example request

Using an access token generated from your developer account you'll be able to access your Dropbox information using the Dropbox class to demonstrate the SDK is working correctly.

var fetch = require('isomorphic-fetch');
var Dropbox = require('dropbox').Dropbox;
new Dropbox({
  fetch: fetch,
  .filesListFolder({path: ''})
  .then(console.log, console.error);

API Classes


For documentation of all of the available endpoints, the parameters they receive and the data they return, see the Dropbox class definition. These methods are all available directly from an instance of the API class, e.g: dbx.filesListFolder().


The Dropbox API has a series of actions that can be completed on a team wide level. These endpoint methods are available by using the DropboxTeam class. It can be loaded like this: var DropboxTeam= require('dropbox/team');. For more information , see the DropboxTeam class definition.