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Dropbox.Api.Users Namespace

This namespace contains endpoints and data types for user management.

Public classAccount

The amount of detail revealed about an account depends on the user being queried and the user making the query.

Public classBasicAccount

Basic information about any account.

Public classFileLockingValue
Public classFileLockingValueEnabled

When this value is True, the user can lock files in shared directories. When the value is False the user can unlock the files they have locked or request to unlock files locked by others.

Public classFileLockingValueOther

The other object

Public classFullAccount

Detailed information about the current user's account.

Public classFullTeam

Detailed information about a team.

Public classGetAccountArg

The get account arg object

Public classGetAccountBatchArg

The get account batch arg object

Public classGetAccountBatchError

The get account batch error object

Public classGetAccountBatchErrorNoAccount

The value is an account ID specified in AccountIds that does not exist.

Public classGetAccountBatchErrorOther

The other object

Public classGetAccountError

The get account error object

Public classGetAccountErrorNoAccount

The specified AccountId does not exist.

Public classGetAccountErrorOther

The other object

Public classIndividualSpaceAllocation

The individual space allocation object

Public className

Representations for a person's name to assist with internationalization.

Public classPaperAsFilesValue
Public classPaperAsFilesValueEnabled

When this value is true, the user's Paper docs are accessible in Dropbox with the .paper extension and must be accessed via the /files endpoints. When this value is false, the user's Paper docs are stored separate from Dropbox files and folders and should be accessed via the /paper endpoints.

Public classPaperAsFilesValueOther

The other object

Public classSpaceAllocation

Space is allocated differently based on the type of account.

Public classSpaceAllocationIndividual

The user's space allocation applies only to their individual account.

Public classSpaceAllocationOther

The other object

Public classSpaceAllocationTeam

The user shares space with other members of their team.

Public classSpaceUsage

Information about a user's space usage and quota.

Public classTeam

Information about a team.

Public classTeamSpaceAllocation

The team space allocation object

Public classUserFeature

A set of features that a Dropbox User account may have configured.

Public classUserFeatureFileLocking

This feature allows users to lock files in order to restrict other users from editing them.

Public classUserFeatureOther

The other object

Public classUserFeaturePaperAsFiles

This feature contains information about how the user's Paper files are stored.

Public classUserFeaturesGetValuesBatchArg

The user features get values batch arg object

Public classUserFeaturesGetValuesBatchError

The user features get values batch error object

Public classUserFeaturesGetValuesBatchErrorEmptyFeaturesList

At least one UserFeature must be included in the UserFeaturesGetValuesBatchArg.features list.

Public classUserFeaturesGetValuesBatchErrorOther

The other object

Public classUserFeaturesGetValuesBatchResult

The user features get values batch result object

Public classUserFeatureValue

Values that correspond to entries in UserFeature.

Public classUserFeatureValueFileLocking

The file locking object

Public classUserFeatureValueOther

The other object

Public classUserFeatureValuePaperAsFiles

The paper as files object