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SharingUserRoutesListSharedLinksAsync Method (String, String, NullableBoolean)

List shared links of this user.

If no path is given, returns a list of all shared links for the current user.

If a non-empty path is given, returns a list of all shared links that allow access to the given path - direct links to the given path and links to parent folders of the given path. Links to parent folders can be suppressed by setting direct_only to true.

Namespace:  Dropbox.Api.Sharing.Routes
Assembly:  Dropbox.Api (in Dropbox.Api.dll) Version: 4.0
public Task<ListSharedLinksResult> ListSharedLinksAsync(
	string path = null,
	string cursor = null,
	Nullable<bool> directOnly = null


path (Optional)
Type: SystemString
See ListSharedLinksAsync(ListSharedLinksArg) description.
cursor (Optional)
Type: SystemString
The cursor returned by your last call to ListSharedLinksAsync(ListSharedLinksArg).
directOnly (Optional)
Type: SystemNullableBoolean
See ListSharedLinksAsync(ListSharedLinksArg) description.

Return Value

Type: TaskListSharedLinksResult
The task that represents the asynchronous send operation. The TResult parameter contains the response from the server.
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