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SharingUserRoutesGetFileMetadataAsync Method (String, IEnumerableFileAction)

Returns shared file metadata.

Namespace:  Dropbox.Api.Sharing.Routes
Assembly:  Dropbox.Api (in Dropbox.Api.dll) Version: 4.0
public Task<SharedFileMetadata> GetFileMetadataAsync(
	string file,
	IEnumerable<FileAction> actions = null


Type: SystemString
The file to query.
actions (Optional)
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableFileAction
A list of `FileAction`s corresponding to `FilePermission`s that should appear in the response's Permissions field describing the actions the authenticated user can perform on the file.

Return Value

Type: TaskSharedFileMetadata
The task that represents the asynchronous send operation. The TResult parameter contains the response from the server.
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