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SharingUserRoutesAddFolderMemberAsync Method (String, IEnumerableAddMember, Boolean, String)

Allows an owner or editor (if the ACL update policy allows) of a shared folder to add another member.

For the new member to get access to all the functionality for this folder, you will need to call MountFolderAsync(MountFolderArg) on their behalf.

Namespace:  Dropbox.Api.Sharing.Routes
Assembly:  Dropbox.Api (in Dropbox.Api.dll) Version: 5.0
public Task AddFolderMemberAsync(
	string sharedFolderId,
	IEnumerable<AddMember> members,
	bool quiet = false,
	string customMessage = null


Type: SystemString
The ID for the shared folder.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableAddMember
The intended list of members to add. Added members will receive invites to join the shared folder.
quiet (Optional)
Type: SystemBoolean
Whether added members should be notified via email and device notifications of their invite.
customMessage (Optional)
Type: SystemString
Optional message to display to added members in their invitation.

Return Value

Type: Task
The task that represents the asynchronous send operation.
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