Dropbox Engineering Career Framework

SRE: Appendix


We’re striving to use clear language, but there are a few words where it’s helpful to expound upon how we interpret them.

Craft Responsibility Definitions

The responsibilities defined below make up the foundation of the Reliability Engineer craft:

  • Systems Fluency. The ability to understand, troubleshoot and improve the systems that underlie our services.
  • Systems Design. The ability to design the simplest, large scale systems of interacting components to meet sustainability, efficiency, and reliability requirements (what are the boxes in your architecture diagram, how do they interact).
  • Code Fluency. The ability to read and write code fluently and well.
  • Technical Strategy. Ensuring the right long-term technical decisions are being made by the organization - knowing what systems to build; making technical choices when there are not clear solutions. What standards apply to all the boxes in the organizations architecture diagrams?