Dropbox Engineering Career Framework
M6 Engineering Director
I deliver results against a strategic company-level business objective or key component of the EPD mission
Area of ownership and level of autonomy / ambiguity
Collaborative Reach
Organizational reach and extent of influence
Impact Levers
Organizational levers typically exercised to achieve business impact
  • I am fully accountable for delivering results against a strategic objective directly supporting a company or EPD level business objective over a one to two year time horizon.
  • I am able to masterfully guide my org to impactful outcomes in the face of significant organizational, strategic and technical ambiguity and change.
  • I actively up-level engineering and partner functions through organizational, people, and process insights and initiatives.
  • I anticipate challenges and influence the direction of the entire engineering organization and at times EPD as a whole.
  • I hold myself and the managers reporting to me accountable for the inspection, oversight, prioritization and delivery of the results needed by the organization.
  • I work closely with cross-functional partners to conceive of, articulate and motivate long-term business strategy for my area.
  • I drive the full talent lifecycle for my org, holding myself and my managers accountable for creating a healthy culture of support, growth and excitement that empowers our teams to deliver at a high level.

trophy Results

Key Behaviors
  • I drive the most important long-term priorities for the company that create the highest value for my customer
  • I know when to shut down company-wide initiatives that don't create value and how to re-structure my team's or org's roles and goals
  • I know which levers to pull to drive meaningful results and consider company-wide implications of my team's work
  • I am accountable for ensuring that results do not come at the expense of long-term growth, retention, or psychological safety within cross-functional teams in my organization
  • I have a sense of responsibility and obligation to act on opportunities I see across the company
  • I am accountable for the inspection, oversight, and pruning of the portfolio of projects within my domain and hold managers reporting to me accountable for delivering the results needed by the organization
  • I am ultimately accountable for the alignment between the portfolio of projects in my domain and Dropbox’s business objectives
Decision Making
  • I act thoughtfully and decisively in critical situations even when making challenging or unpopular decisions
  • I ensure that investments are appropriately prioritized across my portfolio of projects and Dropbox’s business objectives
Operational Excellence
  • I ensure the right balance of operational excellence, innovation, and speed across teams against company-level goals 

glowing star Direction

Key Behaviors
  • I drive transformation for the company, help other leaders champion change, and generate excitement for change across Dropbox 
  • I push boundaries and generate ideas—even if they are risky—that drive the greatest company-wide impact
  • I create an environment that fosters innovation and helps Dropboxers take smart risks and learn from failures
  • I deeply understand what is happening in the business and in the market. I use this understanding to work with my cross-functional partners to define a long-term vision for my team or org 
  • I anticipate challenges for and influence the direction of my teams or org, even when faced with significant misalignment, to execute work toward that vision  
  • I effectively and broadly evangelize my strategy to remove roadblocks and ensure my team executes consistently against the direction I lay out
  • I am able to resolve cross-engineering misalignments blocking decisions on strategic choices with long-term consequences

deciduous tree Talent

Key Behaviors
Personal Growth
  • I proactively ask for feedback from those I work with and have self-awareness about my strengths and areas for development
  • I drive discussions with my manager about aspirational goals and seek out opportunities to learn and grow
  • I invest time in being a better manager and leader
  • I attract senior and diverse talent to Dropbox and have strong followership across the company
  • I am actively involved in interviewing and assessing senior and leadership candidates. I am a debrief mod for senior candidates and a leader in hiring committee. I look holistically at our hiring processes/standards and help drive improvements.
  • I take a holistic approach to talent engagement and retention across my teams/org
Talent Development
  • I successfully drive the full talent lifecycle for my group, including hiring, culture-building, growth, performance management and retention
  • I champion a high-performance culture across the company, create an environment for continuous growth and development, and identify career opportunities for Dropboxers across teams ensuring they are well leveraged
  • I am  an expert at growing great managers both able to effectively run their teams and who can themselves grow great managers
Organizational planning
  • I have a clear succession plan and build a strong bench that sets my team up for success in the future for key roles on my team with a long-term view 
  • I invest in developing a pipeline of future leaders for Dropbox
  • I help prioritize and structure the engineering organization to successfully execute against a portfolio of investments
  • I ensure projects are staffed appropriately to set them up for success, placing my strongest technical leaders where they are the most needed and impactful

rainbow Culture

Key Behaviors
  • I remove barriers to collaboration across Dropbox 
  • I influence and build relationships with leaders across the company while expertly navigating organizational dynamics
Organizational Health
  • I sponsor community-building efforts and inclusion initiatives
  • I shape Dropbox's culture and personify its values. I work to elevate existing standards while coaching my other reports on how to do the same
  • I have a strong grasp of organization design, and know when to apply small or large changes to increase results or team health
  • I am able to debug and address the vast majority of organizational health issues.
  • I practice vigilance in surfacing cultural issues that might not be explicitly raised to me. I proactively solicit feedback from my team on culture and leverage tools at hand (e.g. Pulse, Soapbox) to gain deeper insight into my team
  • When I become aware of any lapse in my team’s culture, I communicate and work with my leadership team follow through on plans to correct and prevent recurrence of the lapse
  • I communicate complex, challenging, or unpopular ideas with poise and conviction and gain commitment from others 
  • I engage in executive-level communications and represent Dropbox effectively in external forums