Dropbox Engineering Career Framework
IC2 Reliability Engineer
I deliver well-designed, resilient, and sustainable solutions to achieve team-level resilience goals
Area of ownership and level of autonomy / ambiguity
Collaborative Reach
Organizational reach and extent of influence
Impact Levers
Technical levers typically exercised to achieve business impact
  • I execute on defined projects to achieve team-level goals.
  • I independently define the right solutions or use |existing approaches to solve defined problems. 
  • I work primarily within the scope of my team with high level guidance from my manager/TL
  • Craft - I am increasingly mastering my craft and leverage it for higher impact (e.g. software design)
  • Mentorship - I may mentor new hires, interns, or more junior engineers.

trophy Results

Key Behaviors
  • I act with urgency and deliver high-quality work that will add the most value
  • I work with my manager to direct my focus so my work advances my team's goals
  • I prioritize the right things and don't overcomplicate my work. When necessary, I propose appropriate scope adjustments.
  • I effectively participate in the core processes of my team, including recommending and implementing process improvements
  • I follow through on my commitments, take responsibility for my work, and deliver on time
  • I proactively identify and advocate for opportunities to improve the current state of projects
  • I own my failures and learn from them
  • I think a step or two ahead in my work, solve the right problems before they become bigger problems, and problem-solve with my manager when I'm stuck
Decision Making
  • I Identify and gather input from others and consider customer needs to make informed and timely decisions

glowing star Direction

Key Behaviors
  • I’m open to change and enthusiastic about new initiatives
  • I work with my manager to navigate complex and ambiguous situations
  • I ask questions and contribute to new ideas/approaches
  • I experiment with new approaches and share what I learned

deciduous tree Talent

Key Behaviors
Personal growth 
  • I proactively ask for feedback from those I work with and identify ways to act upon it
  • I have self-awareness about my strengths and areas for development
  • I drive discussions with my manager about aspirational goals and seek out opportunities to learn and grow
  • I contribute to interviewing and assessing candidates to help us build a diverse and talented team. I am calibrated and consistently perform high-signal interviews
  • I am able to represent my team’s initiatives and goals to candidates in a compelling way
Talent Development
  • I model integrity and a high standard of excellence for my work.
  • I help the more junior members of my team, host interns, or am a residency mentor
  • I offer honest feedback that is delivered with empathy to help others learn and grow

rainbow Culture

Key Behaviors
  • I can effectively collaborate to get work done
  • I work with my manager to manage conflict with empathy and cooperation in mind
Organizational Health
  • I contribute to a positive sense of community on the team (e.g. engage in team lunches, team offsites, and other group activities, help with new-hire on-boarding).
  • I listen to different perspectives and I cut biases from my words and actions 
  • I practice the Dropbox Diversity Commitments on a regular basis
  • I write and speak clearly
  • I listen to understand others and ask clarifying questions
  • I share relevant information on my projects to my manager, team and customers. 

owl Craft

My primary craft focus is consistently delivering and improving high-quality systems and code in service of increasing the reliability of Dropbox. I am beginning to develop skills in designing system components and translating reliability, sustainability and efficiency requirements into simple projects.
Key Behaviors
Systems Fluency
  • I understand OS, networks, or hardware and can debug system issues and identify system bottlenecks.
  • I am able to understand and improve the system’s health such as utilization and performance.
  • I identify the toil and reduce it with automation for operating systems efficiently.
  • I can navigate through a full stack application (client/load-balancer/frontend/backend/DB) and build proficiency on the right tools to dig into the system issues at different levels.
Systems Design
  • I begin to understand how systems fail and work with teams to reduce the risks.
  • I have a pragmatic understanding of software limitations and how to identify reliability risks.
Code Fluency
  • I translate ideas into clear code, written to be read as well as executed.
  • My code is free of glaring errors - bugs are in edge cases or design, not mainline paths - and is well documented and well tested with appropriate use of manual vs automated tests.
  • I am able to read and navigate through a large code base and effectively debug others’ code.
  • I address code tasks with both high throughput and appropriately high quality for the stage of project I am working on.