Dropbox Engineering Career Framework


We’re striving to use clear language, but there are a few words where it’s helpful to expound upon how we interpret them:

  • Impact: The effect on Dropbox’s success as a business, in both direct and indirect ways. +What is Impact?
  • Results: Results are a function of scope of impact and execution. Engineers at all levels should focus on making an impact in the most efficient way possible.
  • Leadership: Display a sense of ownership and initiative, and convince, motivate and drive others towards execution of a goal.
  • Mentorship: Guide and accelerate others down their path of professional development.
  • Collaborative Reach: The breadth of collaboration and coordination required for a project.
  • Organizational Leverage: A multiplier on results that comes from up-leveling an organization through talent development, culture, and setting direction.
  • Technical Leverage: A multiplier on results that comes from one’s direct technical abilities. In other words: IC technical work.